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Developing & Managing Sustainable Industrial Real Estate

Real estate development and asset management that is one sustainable step ahead. We invest responsibly in London to protect the environment for our stakeholders, our partners, and our communities.

Our Advantage

With 150 years of combined experience, and an extensive knowledge of the London market, we work with private and institutional investors to deliver creative opportunities both on and off market. Our advantage is the ability to source innovative deals that others often overlook.

Our Approach

We have established a trusted reputation in the market. Our depth of experience and understanding of the market in London and the Southeast ensures that we add real value to every project. We achieve this through a hands-on approach to asset management.

Our Responsibility

We are committed to benefiting the communities where we work. Our support for beneficial electrification (100% electric buildings, storage batteries, 100% EV charge points, maximum rooftop solar) aims at reducing air pollution, and reducing vehicle traffic. We always source local building materials and offer apprenticeships to train the work force of the future.

Our “Urban Life”

Canals and waterways run through our urban landscape and are often in need of investment. Our Urban Life campaign funds education and restoration projects (in collaboration with the Canals and Rivers Trust) near the sites where we work, including after school canoe lessons, replanting towpaths, and water pollution clean-up.

Who We Are

KSP is a property development and asset management company that is committed to the regeneration of urban sites in London using only the most sustainable designs and technology. We invest in ultra-sustainable, future-proofed, all-electric buildings, creating assets that will only grow in value, responding to market demand for environmentally responsible real estate.


Urban Life


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